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Tile and Grout 

We offer a full range of cleaning services for your home . Let our professional cleaning bring new life to your tile floors. Our cleaning will restore your floor to like new condition.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Watch as we transform your home into spotless perfection. Your living room , kitchen and bathroom floors will become clean and shiny again. Leave everything up to us. So let Premium Carpet Care take over. Our all natural cleaning products and special tile tools will have your ceramic and stone grouted surfaces looking like new in no time-and with next to no mess, too...Foyers, entryways, hallways-anywhere you can put tile, we can clean it.
  • After cleaning, it's a good idea to seal your grout. Sealing provides extra protection against spills and stains, making future clean up easier. Choose the finest clear sealant.
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