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How to clean microfiber upholstery

While manufacturers and furniture sales people will tell you that microfiber sofas are virtually stain proof, if you own one you know this is just not true. Microfiber sofas can become quite grubby, especially light-colored furniture. And if you have ever tried to blot a spill with water, you know it just makes everything look worse. What can you do? We’ll share our best tips on, "How to Clean a Microfiber Couch".

CleaningTools Needed:

A vacuum cleaner

Rubbing alcohol

A spray bottle

Clean, white paper towels or clean white rags

White, soft brush

Step 1- Thoroughly vacuum the sofa to remove any surface dirt. There is no sense in rubbing surface dirt into the fabric.

Step 2- Test the rubbing alcohol in a hidden or inconspicuous spot. Wait for the fabric to dry and then judge whether or not the cleaning solution has bleached or discolored the fabric.

Step 3- Liberally spray the stained or dirty area with the rubbing alcohol. Don’t be worried about it getting wet, alcohol dries quickly. litley rub the stained spot with a white rag until the dirt or stains are gone, switching to clean rags as needed. Then, move on to the next stained area. Pay particular attention to armrests as they get especially dirty. Be sure to use white paper towels as colored paper towels can transfer colors to your couch.

Step 4- Another problem with microfiber is that the fabric can become stiffed, especially after it becomes wet. After the couch is clean and dry, use the soft bristled brush to gently rub any stiffened areas. This should return the texture to a soft, natural look.To keep your microfiber couch looking great, vacuum weekly and use rubbing alcohol to treat spots as needed. If you need professional help, Premium Carpet Care has you covered.

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